Retirement used to be the stage of life where you gave up work and looked forward to life full of Saturdays, but now a successful retirement takes a lot more planning and skill to get the timing right.
Retirement should be seen as the opportunity to seek new challenges, to try something different in the workforce or realise some of the dreams you’ve held throughout your working life. Finding your way through retirement requires planning for your whole future, not just focusing on your finances. We all value our independence very highly and the best way to maintain independence is through good health and a firm financial footing which will deliver maximum choice as we age.


The preservation and constructive transfer of wealth are primary components of a successful wealth management plan. While assets can grow over a lifetime, so can the need to consider a variety of products and services to protect wealth for the future. A forward-looking, and integrated, wealth preservation strategy will help ensure a lasting legacy for you and your loved ones.
We recognise the value of advance planning and can work closely with you to understand your short- and long-term objectives and utilise appropriate wealth protection tools to help meet them. As a client of ICGFP, you gain the security of knowing that steps have been taken to help protect your wealth and legacy goals can be addressed during your lifetime and for future generations.


At ICGFP, asset management is one of our key focus. We are an establised investment management group, managing assets for both institutional and retail clients from offices around Australia. ICGFP is not distracted by competing internal business interests, so we are clearly focused on one purpose, managing assets for our clients.
Our approach to achieving performance from our funds is open and straightforward. No black boxes, no short cuts. Simply asset management. Our clients access our investment expertise in equities, fixed income, property and alternatives, via segregated and pooled products.


Although tax laws are complex and constantly changing, there are always opportunities for you to increase your tax refund and minimise your tax liability. Tax planning is a widely used practice in the commercial world but there are still many businesses and individuals who fail to fully recognise their potential tax savings.
The process of tax planning involves an analysis of your business' current and up to date financial statements, as well as your projected income for the remaining period of the financial year. We will then recommend a number of strategies for you to implement prior to the end of the financial year to get the best possible result when we lodge your tax returns.


Everyday life is complex enough, let alone having to deal with the added burden of managing debt. Money troubles can cause stress which in turn, may put relationships under strain, impact work performance - even lead to serious health problems.That’s why it’s important to have a flexible budget with a debt management plan that allows you to address any issues quickly. It’s not just about taking control of your money and reducing debt; it’s about enjoying life again.
A good debt reduction plan will allow you to repay your debts affordably while still being able to meet your everyday living expenses. Imagine putting a stop to calls from debt collectors, no more sleepless nights thinking about bills or fighting with your loved ones over your finances. At ICGFP, we start a savings plan for every client. This gets you on track to breaking that cycle of living on credit, paying off debts and having a safety net to fall back on.


Today, more and more Australians are choosing to manage their own superannuation through Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs). If you want to take control and responsibility of how your superannuation money is invested, a Self Managed Super Fund may be the answer.
SMSF’s are not for everyone but are they right for you? Speak to us to find out if an SMSF would suit your financial circumstances.


You work hard for your money, so it should work hard for you. Financial Planner Melbourne is about ensuring that your arrangements are suited to your unique circumstances and financial goals.